Premium Cashews

Delicious, sweet, and perfectly crunchy.

Fire Roasted

Caju uses repurposed coffee trees as the fuel for our wood-fire ovens. No extra oils added and gluten free.

Hand Harvested

Nuts sourced directly from local Vietnamese farmers - hand grown and hand harvested with no pesticides or chemicals.

100% Vietnamese

Caju sources all of our cashews from Vietnam. A country renown for its sweet wholesome cashews.

Enhanced Natural Flavors

Our secret is we roast the nuts with pure sea salt, then REMOVE the salt to enhance and retain the natural cashew flavors.

High Grade

Cashews are graded by size, shape, and color. Caju cashews are all whole nuts of the highest quality.

Family Run

We are a family run company based out of Vietnam and brought to America (San Francisco) by Hai!

Our Story

"Over 20 years ago, my aunt and uncle started a small business roasting cashews by hand and selling them to local families as a means to make a living. Two decades later they are as passionate as ever about their cashews.

After my first visit to observe the cashew cultivation and production process, I was struck by the care, pride and hard work that went into each stage — from the meticulous attention given to growing each tree, to the handpicking and sorting of each cashew, and finally, to the light salting and roasting of each batch. The second I tried these cashews straight from the oven, I knew it was an experience I wanted to share with the world. That is why Caju was founded here in San Francisco.

Driven by the idea that only the highest quality cashews should be used, we refuse to cut corners. The unparalleled standards and work ethic will start a revolution. A nut revolution. A cashew revolution. A Caju revolution."

- Hai Nguyen

The Process

Step 1: Local Harvest

We source from local farmers in southern Vietnam where cashew trees thrive in the climate. Vietnamese cashews are renown worldwide for their naturally sweet flavor and high quality.

Step 2: Steam and De-Shell

Cashews naturally grow on a tree within an inedible hardened shell that needs to be removed before consumption. After harvest, we must steam the freshly picked cashews to soften these outer shells. Then we manually remove them one-by-one to prevent any breaks or degradation of the cashews.

Step 3: Hand Sort by Grade

Raw cashews are graded by shape, size and color as defined in this blog post. After removing the shells, we hand sort and select the HIGHEST grades of cashews to go into the roasting process. Hand selecting the highest quality ingredients leads to a drastically higher quality final product which you will only find in Caju cashews.

Step 4: Wood-fire Roasting

We fuel our ovens with repurposed coffee trees sourced from local coffee farmers, then add two simple ingredients - raw cashews and sea salt. Nothing else. At the end of the process, we even remove all of the sea salt so that it does not stick to the cashews and overwhelm the flavor. The wood-fire roasting is our favorite part of the process because it gives the cashews their distinct crunch and taste.

Step 5: Deskin and Package

Finally, the cashews are deskinned, carefully placed into our packaging, and are ready for consumption! The amount of meticulous manual labor put into making this premium product is what makes it so special. The picking, deshelling, sorting and roasting are all done by hand and are important steps towards our goal of redefining how the world perceives the cashew.

These are absolutely delicious. I usually don't go for nuts as a snack but I finished one jar by myself in three days.


We have really been enjoying the roasted cashews. I think they are some of the nicest cashews that I have ever seen. Very large and flavorful. The roasting is very even and not overdone. Perfect amount of salt.


I bought my first batch from the local grocery store, it was so addictive I finished half the bottle before I even reached home! These cashews are large, fresh, and crunchy and I love the fact that it's not overly covered in salt.....

Program Coordinator

Omg, so good, light and crunchy! You guys got to try it out. Well done


Current Locations


Marina Supermarket

2323 Chestnut St
San Francisco, CA 94123

Rainbow Grocery

1745 Folsom Street @ 13th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Earthbeam Natural

1399 Broadway
Burlingame, CA 94010

Piedmont Grocery

4038 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

Farm Fresh to You

1 Ferry Building - Shop 9
San Francisco, CA 94111

Haight Street Market

1530 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Berkeley Bowl West

920 Heinz Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710

Noriega Produce

3821 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122

Andy's Produce

1691 N. Gravenstein Hwy
Sebastopol, California 95472

Cal Mart Supermarket

3585 California Street,
San Francisco, CA 94118


Cambridge Naturals

23 White Street (Porter Square Shopping Center)
Cambridge, MA 02140

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