The Benefit of Fiber in the Daily Diet

The Benefit of Fiber in the Daily Diet

Are you looking for an easy way to add healthy foods to your daily diet? Perhaps you are hoping to drop a few pounds in the coming weeks? Maybe you want to start eating better but you worry about things like fat and calories? That is a valid concern, but there is actually a very simple answer for all of the questions above: organic nuts.

Yes, we know that a lot of people insist that nuts are fattening and not to be enjoyed on a daily basis, but those who believe this are totally off the mark. This is because they are thinking of those oily, salt-covered snack foods that come in glass bottles and cans on grocery store shelves.

What they should realize is that nuts can be grown, packaged, and sold without all of the destructive processes that cut down on nutrients and reduce the benefits. In fact, they can be grown in ways that uphold their nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats and then processed to retain these excellent qualities.

Nuts as Super Foods and Weight Loss Tools

Does this mean that nuts don’t have to be seen as fattening or full of calories? Consider that nuts like cashews are viewed as a “low fat” option that is so high in fiber as to be seen as the ideal food to help with weight loss.

“Cashew nuts are an excellent source of fiber…fiber causes a feeling of fullness when eaten. Each ounce of cashews you eat provides a gram of fiber, so eating a few ounces of cashews each day will help you feel full.” (Davis) And, obviously, when you feel full you don’t reach for truly unhealthy, fattening, or “empty” calorie foods.

Fiber in the daily diet is something that most of us overlook, and it is one of the reasons that we are so often encouraged to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Few people can manage the quantities recommended by nutritional experts, but even a small handful of cashews a few times per day can provide a large portion of your needs.

For instance, if a 100-gram serving has between 8 and 9 percent of your daily fiber, you can easily get up to 1/3 of your fiber just by adding a serving of cashews to one or two meals. Plus, you will feel fuller faster and put yourself at a decreased risk for over eating too!

Of course, eating more fiber shouldn’t only be about weight loss. Fiber is an essential part of the diet because it tends to absorb water in the colon and prevent issues such as diverticular disease and is even thought to reduce risks for colon cancer. It is great for slowing the absorption of sugar in the body – which mean that it is very helpful for those with diabetes or anyone prone to the formation of kidney stones.

Fiber is also one of the best tools for reducing the risk of heart disease – with many studies showing that people with high fiber diets have a much lower rate of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Organic cashews from Caju Company are a good way to add fiber to the diet, but also an ideal way to boost nutrients and enjoy the benefits of healthy, organic, and mindful eating.

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