Turn to Organic Nuts for a Protein Boost


Turn to Organic Nuts for a Protein Boost

It is 3 PM and you feel that distinct dip in your energy. You have a few choices:

  • Go to the coffee pot and fill up on caffeine;
  • Go to the snack machine and buy candy for a sugar “jolt”;
  • Drink a sugary drink or an energy drink to snap awake; or
  • Snack on a handful of organic nuts.

If you chose the last option, you are a very wise person indeed. The first choice, that cup of coffee, is only going to make you cranky and tired about an hour or so later, but it may keep your hands shaking for hours afterward. The second option is going to give you a quick boost of sugar energy and then cause you to crash worse than before in a short time. Let’s not overlook that it also filled you with empty calories. The sugar drink or energy drink will also fail you in a short period.

Those organic nuts, however, will bring a nice amount of protein into your body. Though you won’t feel that instant “zing” in energy that the other choices provide, you will get a boost in only a short time and then enjoy it for hours to come. Consider too that when you use nuts for energy, you are getting the optimal benefits of truly healthy eating.

Why? Because most nuts are loaded with nutrients. There is the protein already mentioned, but you might get everything from iron and omega 3 fatty acids to vitamins and minerals essential to good health and well-being.

Is there one nut that is better than others? If you rely on the authorities you would see that all nuts are identified as healthy foods to eat. This is because they are full of so many beneficial compounds, however, when you need protein and energy boosts, there is little that compares to cashews. (MyFoodBodyMind)

Cashews as Optimal Healthy Foods

How is that possible? Cashews, like all other nuts, contain essential dietary fats. They do, however, contain them in what is viewed as an ideal ratio. This is a 1:2:1 ratio that has saturated: monounsaturated: polyunsaturated fats in such quantities as to make it a truly “low fat” nut.

That means that eating them for their protein counts means getting a low fat source of protein. The protein is what is going to help create energy, but cashews also have a leg up on their competition by being so high in copper as well. This is an essential component to energy production and a single serving gives you a whopping 244% of your daily recommended allowance.

This is why a handful of organic cashews is going to deliver such an impressive amount of energy.

Of course, that is not where it ends. The protein in cashews is also one that contains the highly desirable omega-3 acids. These are known for their abilities to decrease the “bad” or the LDL cholesterols in the body. This is why cashews are able to be enjoyed by those with heart disease or those who worry about fat in their diet contributing to it.

Finally, cashews are an optimal protein source because they have no natural cholesterol. They are literally a cholesterol free food!

The Source Matters

Unfortunately, not all cashews are alike and so anyone who wants to enjoy all of these benefits from an afternoon snack has to take the time to find a quality and reputable producer.

For example, we’ve been pointing out the many positives of cashews, but if you buy them from a firm that has roasted them with oil and salt, a lot of the so-called benefits will have been erased. You cannot add oil and other compounds to them and then expect them to still be “good for you” or among healthy foods to eat.

You also cannot ship them from all parts of the world and then dump them into a single batch while calling them “quality”. Cashews do not all grow to the same size, color, flavor, quality, etc. A good producer is going to take only small batches, grade them accordingly, and roast them in ways that maintains and enhances natural properties.

A good example of this is Caju cashews. We are a company that works exclusively with local Vietnamese farmers to ensure that the nuts are natural and of the utmost quality. We then grade the batches by hand and sort them in a way that provides our happy buyers with uniform and high quality products.

Roasted with only the addition of a small amount of natural sea salt, cashews from Caju remain among the healthiest foods to eat because they are not degraded by low quality growing standards and added additives.

You can turn to nuts for a boost of protein and energy, just be sure you buy them from us – Caju Company – because we do not coat our cashews with sodium, chemicals, and unhealthy oils.

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