More than 20 years ago, Aunt Ngoc started a small business roasting cashews by hand to sell to the local communities as a means to make a living. Two decades later, after much success, their family business had grown in Southern Vietnam and began expanding even further by exporting mass quantities of cashews to various Southeast Asian Countries.

In 2008, Hai took his first trip back to Vietnam to observe his family’s unique cashew cultivation and production process. He was amazed by the amount of meticulous hard work and care that went into each stage of creating a wood fire roasted cashew — from the labor intensive harvesting of the large cashew trees, to the hand sorting of each nut by size and shape, to the small batch wood fire roasting – ensuring that all the cashews were evenly cooked. The process took many steps and a lot of time, but the results were undeniable – the best cashews in the world, just how they should taste.

Having tried warm samples straight out of his family’s wood fire ovens, Hai knew this product was something special that needed to be shared around the world. He soon after founded Caju Company in San Francisco and began working with his family to import their prized product into the US.

Driven by values of high quality and standards, Caju strives to provide its customers with the best cashews in the world. The unparalleled standards and work ethic that started years ago with Hai’s family is inspirational and continues to drive us towards a greater product.

Aunt Ngoc and Hai

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Aunt Ngoc and Hai

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality, most delicious cashews to our customers

Caju is committed on bringing an amazing food experience to you from across the globe. Our high standards ensure that all our cashews are carefully selected and treated with the utmost attention at every stage of the production process. The result is a unique, savory delicacy that everyone can enjoy!