Cashew Bowl

Caju Cashews

Cashews can come from anywhere around the world, but ones native to Vietnam are known for their distinctive flavor. Like great wine, the region where the plant grows affects the final taste of the product. Cashews grown within Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, are known to produce a sweeter taste.

Our cashews are harvested from small local farmers that maintain their own crops. None of our cashews have been purchased from other countries or sources. Then, the cashews are bought and prepared by us, i.e. quality assurance, roasting, and sorting.

It is our mission to share the Caju cashew experience with you. Once you’ve tasted our cashews, you will notice an immediate difference in flavor and texture. These cashews are not like any other you’ve eaten before. Not only are they delicious, they are also packed with nutrients for the body. Cashew nuts are a one of a kind snack.

Basket of cashews

Grading Cashews

The first thing to note is that there is a grading system for cashews. Quality is measured by color, size, shape, and each grade ranges in price as well. There is a significant difference between each tier in taste and quality. Most cashew companies you find in the grocery store provide second to sixth quality cashews all mixed together in a single bag. You will notice on the labels, it will state the cashews can come from many different countries. Being a global product, cashews can come from Brazil, India, Nigeria. Even in Southeast Asia, where cashews are highly valued, most cashew companies mix their cashews together. For large suppliers, this allows them to:

  • Increase Profit – Lower quality cashews are less expensive, so the more there are in a bag, the more money they make on the lot.
  • Reduce Cost – It doesn’t take much work to find low quality cashews, so these businesses often simply throw everything together to cut costs.
  • Increase Quantity – Similarly, since there is no commitment to quality, companies can use any means necessary to increase production.

The results are cashews that are missing all of the flavor that makes these nuts such a perfect snack food. You’re purchasing cashews, and they may even be somewhat tasty, but they’re essentially a bulk product without any special care.

No Added Ingredients

A large number of cashew companies coat their cashews in oil and roast them in a bulk ovens using coal or gas heat. At Caju, we have only two ingredients:

  • Sea Salt
  • Cashews

Because we use no oil, most of the salt is removed, leaving our cashews only lightly salted. This allows you to experience the natural flavor of the cashew, rather than masking it with salt. It also reduces sodium content while enhancing the cashew’s great taste.

Wood Fires Our Ovens

Our family also uses only wood to fire our ovens. Through our 20 years of roasting cashews, we know that coal and gas alter the flavor of the cashew in a way that reduces its quality, while our methods enhance the flavor in a way that is incredibly desirable. We roast our cashews in small batches. When fewer cashews are roasted at any given time, the result is a better tasting cashew. All excess salt is removed after roasting, leaving only a light salting for taste.

Our Cashews and Commitment to Quality

All it takes is one bite to see the difference between a low quality cashew and a high quality cashew, and chances are you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the latter. Our cashews are hand selected, wood roasted in small batches, watched over throughout the process. All cashews that do not meet quality standards are separated, and our bags are packed with only the highest grade in cashews. Only we can guarantee our cashews are only from Vietnam.

Our goal is to show you how delicious and nutritious high quality cashews can truly be. Caju was formed to provide you an opportunity to taste these organic cashews like you have never tasted before.

Because we are a family owned and operated business, we know exactly where our cashews come from. With 20 years of experiences, we have perfected our roasting methods. From the tree to your hand, we know exactly how the cashews are handled throughout the process. Only Caju can guarantee you the origin and quality of the cashews, providing you a unique and delicious cashew experience.